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Annual Returns of Directors

Are you a Director of a Limited Liability Company in Ireland? A director's income tax return must be filed by October 31st.
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Directors who possess more than 15% of an Irish Limited Company’s share capital must file a director’s income tax return. Whether you take money from the corporation or not, this is the fact. The director’s tax return is a disclosure of a director’s personal income, which includes pay and dividends from their firm, rental income, and overseas revenue.

 Every year, by the 31st of October, all Irish resident and non-resident proprietary directors are legally obligated to file a director’s tax return. If you pay and file your tax return using Revenue’s Online System (ROS), you can extend the deadline until mid-November.

Non-proprietary directors in Ireland are often excluded from filing director returns. If you want assistance with your tax returns, please contact us.

What information does a director’s tax return on ROS require?

  • Income from Trades, Professions, or Vocations (Personal Details)
  • Rental Income in Ireland
  • Foreign Earnings
  • Fees, covenants, and distributions are all sources of income.
  • Income that is tax-free
  • Interest, charges, and annual payments are all paid.
  • Make a claim for tax credits, allowances, reliefs, and health-care costs.
  • Individuals with a High Net Worth
  • Acquisitions of Capital
  • Gains on Investments
  • Acquired Chargeable Assets
  • Incentives based on a property’s value
  • Self-Evaluation

Also Required:

  • Date of birth and Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)
  • To log into your account, you’ll need your digital ROS certificate.
  • Your bank account information (IBAN), so that any tax refunds you owe will be deposited into that account.

What is the role of a tax agent?

Having a tax agent implies that they will deal with Revenue on your behalf.

Your tax advisor can help you with the following tasks:

Obtain access to your revenue records

Prepare and file your tax returns on your behalf

Receive correspondence from Revenue regarding any returns you have filed.

Receive any refunds from Revenue for any returns you’ve filed. This only applies if you filled out a PAYE A2 Authorization Form.

With all of our accounting clients, we typically use the Authorisation Form PAYE A1. This means your tax refund will be deposited immediately into your bank account.

Get in touch with our Customer Services Team if you’d like a quote for TAS Consultant to handle your tax needs. We can send you a message.

Contact our Customer Services Team if you need assistance submitting your next director’s tax return or if you have any questions regarding your compliance and tax duties.

We’re always delighted to go over the services you’ll need to keep your business in compliance with Revenue and the Companies Registration Office.

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