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VAT Registration

We can help you register for VAT in Ireland & the UK.

VAT Compliance

Our Internation team of VAT experts make sure you stay compliant as you grow your business and venture into new markets

Ecommerce Expertise

As ecommerece specialists we’re part of a valuable network that understands the challenges you face.

VAT Return Filing

Monthly, by monthly, quartely, annual. We’ll keep on top of the paperwork so you don’t have to

Practical Advice

We know what we’re talking about We’ve got the industry experience to guide you through complex VAT senarios.

Core Services

These are the five accounting-related services in Ireland that every business will likely need at some point to cover their reporting obligations to REVENUE and Companies House.

Accounting & Tax Advice

At the end of your financial year, we convert your data into a yearly returns and submissions. We file your accounts, tax return and B1, i.e. everything that is required for REVENUE and CRO, including:

  • Profit and loss report: a summary of your businesses activity in the year comprising all sales and expenditure
  • Balance sheet: a report of your assets and liabilities; your cash position, what you own, and what you are owed
  • Director’s Report and Notes to the account: prepared in accordance with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Unlimited tax advice is included as part of the accounting service. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable asking us questions at any time. In the long run, this is more efficient than needed to fix something avoidable at the end of the year.


Handling books for businesses who use multi-channel ecommerce solutions is our area of expertise. We work with businesses who sell on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy and more. We get sales data for you to save you time. You’ll never have to explain to us how a particular ecommerce platform’s reporting works as we make it our job to be expert here. We save you time and money by:


  • Getting sales data for you for all platforms
  • Using best in class solutions: Xero for bookkeeping and Receipt Bank for efficient invoice capture
  • You choose your bookkeeping frequency allowing you to save you on fees if you require infrequent bookkeeping




We advise on VAT, prepare and submit ongoing returns. Our VAT services include everything that your business needs to stay compliant with Revenue. We can register your business for VAT as well as prepare bi monthly returns.

VAT Registration

We will prepare and submit everything to Revenue for you.

Once your business is making taxable supplies over the applicable threshold, you will need to register for VAT (there are different thresholds for Irish and overseas companies). We’ll get you registered as quickly as it can be done.

Compliance and deep understanding of VAT for Ecommerce sellers.

Getting VAT right should be hassle-free. We can help your business comply, whether you are an Ireland, overseas, or drop shipping company.


We handle your monthly payroll submissions to REVENUE

Personal Tax and Self-Assessment

For Sole Traders, your standard annual Self-Assessment is included as part of your accounting fee. For our Limited Company Directors with Self-Assessment obligations, we can handle your Self-Assessment and make this return simple and quick to complete.

Company services

Need us to help you form your company, update directors, shareholders, or other company details, use our registered address service, set up your auto-enrolment pension scheme, and more. We’re a full stack accountancy and have you fully covered when it comes to services that can save you time and hassle.

Other Services

Business Coaching

Business planning and development services for when you want help taking your business to the next level.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is king, and having a good idea of how to monitor and forecast cash is key to maximizing the potential of your business.


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