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Address for Business Correspondence

For your mail correspondence, We provide a Business Address. Have all of your mail managed in one place.

Registered Office Address in Central Dublin

Set up your business or company with a city center address of Dublin with our reliable and expert service. We provide a central Dublin location for posts and serve as a registered address for your business

TAS Consulting Limited Business Correspondence Address Services

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur that works from home? Do you have a need for a single spot to keep track of your company correspondence? Check out our €199+VAT Dublin Correspondence Address service.


A mail forwarding service is comparable to a Business Correspondence Address service. Your business correspondence, such as invoices, bank statements, and Revenue letters, can be sent to our business address.

Don’t be concerned about your personal address appearing on your company invoices. To keep your home address confidential, you can use our Dublin address as your professional communication address.

Why do you need a Dublin business address?


You have an internet/online business with no physical presence and require a single spot to organise your business correspondence.

Your staff works from home in Ireland or overseas, and you don't yet have a post office.


You are at a very early stage of your business and aren't ready to decide where you want to base your business yet

Your online business works from a co-working space that does not allow you to use their address as a business address

Our business correspondence address service includes:


A business address in the Republic of Ireland.

Maintain the privacy of your home address with a secure address.

Your mail will be received and forwarded in a trustworthy and timely manner.

Avoid the costs of maintaining an office in Ireland.

Office space is expensive for new Startup businesses who may be bootstrapping, especially in the city. This is where a virtual office in Dublin can help.

It is also extremely hard to find suitable premises in the current shortage of accommodation, particularly in our cities. Our business address is located in Dublin and is perfect for anybody who wants to keep their home address private.

Having a business address in such a central location can create a professional image. This will help new Startups come across as better established in their early stages.

Secure home address

You might wish to preserve the privacy of your home address, especially given that publicly posted addresses and premises can be located online in a matter of seconds. It might help you feel more safe if you have a Business Correspondence Address. It’s also handy if you don’t want prospective clients to discover that you’re working out of your kitchen!

Secure mail forwarding

We offer a high-quality mail forwarding service. Every day, we examine and check your mail, as well as forward it. We can scan and send your letters to you digitally, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of paper copies of your correspondence.

If your message is urgent, we will scan and email it to you right immediately so you can take action.

Directly from our website, you may get our Business Correspondence Address service for €199+VAT.

If you need assistance determining which services are ideal for your company, contact our Customer Team at

We’re delighted to discuss your company needs with you at any time.

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