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We offers you Company Formation consultancy services that can let you focus on building the business

If your business is looking to register a Northern Ireland Company Formation, we set up your company within very short period of time and we can provide a Ireland registered office for you immediately to speed up your company formation.

Only one Director is needed to form a company in the Ireland and all the shares can be held by that person. That person does not need to be resident in the Ireland, they can live anywhere in the World.

It is not necessary to appoint a Company Secretary in Ireland companies.

The Company does need a registered office in the Ireland and we can provide this for you.

Setting up a new Limited Company in Ireland is simple with Accountant Online.

You have access to a team of professionals who are happy to help you each step of the way. Our whole process is done securely online through our exclusive profile area.

Irish Company Formation is an exciting time in your Startup journey and we are here to make sure it’s stress-free and easy to get set up.

Setting up a company has never been easier. Our experts can guide you through every step of the company formation process, ensuring that your new company gets the best possible start and is 100% compliant with Company Law & at a lowest price.

Don’t have time to look after Company formation yourself? Talk to our Team about our Company formation Services. We’re happy to talk to you about our accounting packages.

Need Business Planner? We also assist in the Business plan services with our expert team. Click here for details

Our Company Team helps take the stress out of setting up an Irish Limited Company on your own. We’re here to make sure it’s a smooth process. You can get excited about setting up a new Limited Company and we can take care of the restThis is a document that sets out the rules of how you wish your company to regulate its affairs. We offer a detailed Constitution which adheres to the Companies Act 2014 so you don’t need to draw one up yourself. We provide this for you when you register your company with us.

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