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Company Secretarial Professional Services for Companies in Ireland

Outsourcing the role of Company Secretary

Do you require the services of a professional Company Secretary? Delegate this task to us so you can focus on your business.

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Our Company Secretary Services includes:

For €300+VAT/year, you can be named Company Secretary

We only serve as your Company Secretary in name. This means we sign company documents as the second signatory. Furthermore, we will ensure that your Annual Return deadline is met, so you won’t have to. This means we’ll prepare and file your Form B1 with the Companies Registration Office on your behalf (CRO).

This service excludes any general filing changes or submissions, as well as any Company Secretarial advice. As a result, if you require additional services, you can purchase our one-time services.

Annual Company Secretarial Maintenance for €350+VAT

This is the extent of our service. All-important filing changes and submissions to the CRO will be handled by us.

We’ll file your annual returns and handle all of your company’s general secretarial needs. For example, we’ll handle any changes to the Board of Directors, the registered address, the shareholders, and the share capital. We’ll keep the Seven Statutory Registers up to date and provide meeting minutes as needed. You’ll receive ongoing Company Secretarial assistance, which is critical for any company.

What is the role of a Company Secretary?

1. Manages your paperwork and files your annual tax return

Changing your home address, for example, or adding new Directors. Company secretaries are also entrusted with keeping track of your company’s Annual Return Deadline (ARD), which is critical for all Irish businesses.

2. Signs your company’s documents as the second signatory

If you need to open a bank account in Ireland, for example, your Company Secretary must also sign the application form. They also sign your Annual Return, which is required to be filed with the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

3. Take care of any issues with regard to compliance.

The responsibilities of a Company Secretary may appear intimidating. Especially if the person you chose is unfamiliar with Irish company law or the CRO. But don’t worry, changing your Company Secretary is a simple process (file a form B10) that we can handle for you through our Company Secretarial Services.

Advantages of Using Our Corporate Secretarial Services


Compliance is taken care of for your business.


There's no need to be worried about ARD.

Company Team's Unwavering Support

You'll have more time to focus on your business.

Advice from a professional Company Secretary

Our Company Team will assist you in avoiding fines.

We have a team of trained professionals who work to ensure that your company follows the CRO’s rules.

Submit your annual tax return (Form B1)

 Financial statements should be uploaded.

 Form B1 is countersigned.

We have the knowledge and experience to keep you compliant and on track to meet these critical deadlines!

Company secretarial services that we provide:

€200+VAT/once-off company formation

Annually, from €200+VAT for a company secretary

Annually, €200+VAT for a virtual office

€50+VAT/once-off company seal & a variety of business formation packages


We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about our services if you need help deciding what you need. Call +353 (0) 1442 8230 or send an email to