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File Your Tax Returns Online

Our easy, quick & accurate online annual personal tax return filing services will ensure you don’t lose out on any tax deductions which you’re qualified for.



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    File Tax Return online, It’s Simple and Easy.  Our fees are only €145 plus vat!



    Fill the form that tells the basic information about your business

    We will send you an email to get further information for your business, income and expenditure.

    Then our Expert accountant will let you know your tax liability, for your review and approval before filing the tax return.

    We have Experienced in Range of Industries

    Our Tax Consultants can handle your tax affairs and personal accounts.

    Medical Professionals

    It leaves little wonder that medical professionals often find it challenging to manage their taxes and finances without help from a trusted chartered accountant.

    Property Maintenance

    Property maintenance refers to the
    regular upkeep required to preserve
    and/or improve the condition
    of your property.


    Our restaurant accounting services
    will allow you to gain financial
    peace within your business.


    Our service is ideally positioned to
    make life simple for you by helping
    you with your accountancy
    and tax requirements as a freelancer.



    Our Experienced group of TAS Consulting simplifies the procedure for our customers since they secure competitive and tailored conditions on their own behalf.


    We have a team of qualified staff with specialized knowledge of company formation services. We provide a high standard to all kinds of businesses. 


    TAS Consulting Limited is a reliable intermediary recognized and relied upon by Agents nationally as they supply the best terms and service to their clientele.

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