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Full Range VAT & Tax Advisory

TAS Advisor supplies VAT health check services for your company that is designed to find issues before the VATman does. We only made it simpler for you.
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Even when there are immediate issues, we adapt to the needs and expectations of each individual client. Offering a comprehensive range of VAT facilities across all EU Member States provides you with a one-stop-shop for all of your VAT needs.

How We Help?

  • Evaluation of VAT registration requirements.
  • Dates and types of registration are discussed.
  • Guidance on the required documentation and information.
  • Examine all pertinent registration materials.
  • All application forms must be completed and submitted.
  • VAT returns are delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on local tax legislation.
  • Annual VAT return submission (if locally necessary).
  • Local tax authorities’ correspondence address (receiving, forwarding and management of correspondence from the local tax authorities).
  • Services of translation (where required – extra charge)
  • A single point of contact.
  • 1 hour per month for answering routine questions from/to the local tax authorities.
  • Customer Portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • All produced reports are archived.

More Services for VAT


Foreign companies supplying goods or services in Ireland are required to register for VAT without any exceptions.


TAS Consulting has helped foreign companies to get an Irish VAT and has facilitated with tax authorities.


VAT Implication for Importing UK Vehicles to Ireland

If you are a motor dealer and need help in compliance with Taxes for second-hand car transactions, contact us

VAT Registration / VAT De-Registration

This covers all of the requirements for the release of the Irish VAT registration number, as well as determining when VAT de-registration is necessary. We provide a comprehensive service.

VAT Filing & Compliance

We will assist you with the various information requirements as well as reporting formats for each VAT return. All periodic statutory declarations will be managed by our compliance teams.

Full Range VAT / Tax Advisory

Our experts are well-equipped and trained to direct you around Ireland’s dynamic tax problems.

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The Essential Guide to Value Added Tax (VAT) in Ireland

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Vat Registration in Ireland – Foreign Vat Registrations

Vat Registration in Ireland – Foreign Vat Registrations

Both EU and non-EU businesses may trade in Ireland without establishing a local presence . For non resident business there is no threshold for businesses especially e commerce businesses. Vat number must be obtained prior to selling in Ireland . Benefit of getting an...

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Procedure for registering for VAT in Ireland?

What is VAT? Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax imposed on products and services in Ireland. As a trader or service provider business, you may be required to collect VAT on Sales and then pay to Revenue on a bi monthly basis. It is the responsibility of a...

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The VAT Number Validator and VIESIn order to ensure that the company you are trading with has a valid VAT number is important for online sellers. If your counter party or person you sell is not vat registered it will have different tax implications for you e.g...

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Irish VAT rates and VAT compliance

Irish VAT Rates As per Revenue Ireland, Following VAT Rates are currently applicable.1 March 20212313.594.85.6There are 2 Main Rates. One is Standard which is 23% and reduced rate is 13.5% which are widely used.CRITERIA FOR VAT IN IRELANDNot every business requires to...

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