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Chartered Accountants in Dublin


We are a Modern and Professional team of Qualified Accountants. We’ll handle all your tax and accounting needs, so you can focus on your business. We offer full Irish tax, bookkeeping, and accountancy services, With our expertise and know-how, we’ll help you save money, reduce stress, and focus on the real priorities.

Company Formation

We offers you company startup consultancy services.That can let you focus on building the business.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Help you with bookkeeping, periodic financial statements, cash flow statement, and reconciliations. 

Tax & Compliance

We offer tax consultation to professional firms, individuals, families, public and private limited.



Expert advice

We are never too busy to answer your calls or emails. Our expert team is devoted to offering expert advice.


Accountant Changing

We make the whole situation easy and a smooth process for you.


Deadline Alert

We are proactive and send you
reminders about deadlines.


Tax efficiency

Tax efficiency is the essence.
Our recommendations are at every


Monthly pay

We make arrangements to spread our annual fee over the monthly


Friendly Environment

Our team constitute professional and
qualified accountants and are friendly and helpful.

About Us

We are a firm of Certified Chartered Accountants (CA). We built years of experience and expertise in Book Keeping, Accounting and tax affairs.

We are an expert team with specialized knowledge of accounting and taxation. We provide a high standard to all kinds of businesses

Our Industries


Our Restaurant accounting services will allow you to gain financial peace within your business


Our Service is ideally positioned to make life simple for you by helping you with your accountancy and tax requirements as a freelancer

Medical Professionals

We work as accountants and tax advisors for a significant number of medical practitioners, Locum Doctors, and Dentists

RCT Contractors

Experienced accounting service for contractors and Enterpenures.
Your dedicated accountant will conduct regular tax efficiency reviews

“Welcome to certified accountants in Dublin.”


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How to run an Irish Payroll?

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The Importance of Financial Consulting for Business Success

The Importance of Financial Consulting for Business Success

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