Non-Resident Director Bonds

According to Section 137 of The Companies Act 2014, the bond has to be taken out when an Irish Company doesn’t have a minimum of one company director who’s resident in the EEA (i.e. that the EU and Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland).



Points to be Noted:

  • This requirement issues residency instead of citizenship. As an instance, A Director who holds an Irish passport but resides out of the EEA would additionally demand this kind of bond.
  • If a minimum of one business manager is an EEA resident, then this bond isn’t needed. But, you might still need one of our additional Title Indemnity bonds.
  • A Non-Resident Director Bond insures your organization for a sum of 25,394.76

The Non-Resident Bond covers a span of two decades and has to be set in place in the forefront stage or on the elimination of the EEA resident director of the business. The Bond behaves like an insurance plan to pay the government for unpaid taxes or penalties when the provider leaves the authority.



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If you’re interested in learning more about non-EEA resident director bonds, we have another page that describes everything you need to know about the non-EEA resident director bond.

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