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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Ireland

In Ireland, cryptocurrency refers to a sort of payment that is only available for online transactions and is characterised as a virtual currency that is not regulated by the country’s central bank.

Ireland supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, and investors interested in forming an Irish company should be aware that the country has its own cryptocurrency, the Irishcoin, which is primarily used for tourism-related transactions. Despite the fact that the industry has grown in popularity in recent years, there are already various companies that accept bitcoin transactions, and an essential component in this regard is that people can use a bitcoin ATM in Dublin, which debuted in 2014.

Cyrptocurrencies accepted in Ireland







Another important aspect of cryptocurrency usage is that a wide range of businesses registered around the country (local coffee shops, food shops, and others) accept transactions in one of the virtual currencies available in Ireland, despite the fact that the market is still limited.

In Ireland, cryptocurrency transactions are taxed.

As is the case in most European jurisdictions, the Irish government does not apply tight rules for cryptocurrency enterprises in general, although there are some aspects that are heavily controlled.
Our team of Irish company registration agents can provide in-depth guidance on the tax regulations that apply in this scenario, and it’s vital to note that any amount over EUR 1,270 will be subject to a 33 percent tax.

Types of cryptocurrency businesses in Ireland

Since the public’s interest in cryptocurrencies has grown at an unprecedented rate, an increasing number of investors have established various forms of commercial activity in this sector. Numerous investors have built a wide range of services that promote easier access to the use of cryptocurrencies with the help of various mobile applications.

Other firms created wallet software that can store bitcoin and other virtual currencies, which might be utilised by major corporations as well because of the intricate technology involved.

Another start-up company is actively involved in developing smart contracts for block-chain technology users. The major goal of this sort of agreement is to eliminate the need for a third-party intermediary while maintaining a high level of trustworthiness and lowering the risks associated with bitcoin transactions.

For more information about Irish cryptocurrency enterprises, businesspeople are encouraged to contact our team of Ireland company formation advisors.

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