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Register an Irish company with nominee director and shareholder

Ireland is a worldwide financial power despite its modest dimensions, together with the likes of PayPal, Google, eBay, and more phoning the Emerald Isle home. Irish firm startup has never been simpler and with the support of a nominee manager, shareholder along firm secretary you’ll be able to enjoy full anonymity.

Therefore, in the event that you’d love to make the most of a few of the best corporate taxation regimes on the planet,

Contact us now for a consultation and also to hear how we could help you save money and help you while registering a business in Ireland.

Why Choose Ireland?

In 2011 Forbes Termed Ireland as the best nation on the planet to conduct business. It is not surprising that 90 percent of the world’s top technology companies are based here, 50 percent of the top multinational financial services firm, and much more call it home. Therefore, if you’re searching for someplace to ease the enrollment of a business, then Ireland is as great as anyplace.

The company tax rate Is only 12.5percent and generous deductions imply you’ll pay much less should you organize your business’s affairs in the best way possible.

Here at TAS Consulting Limited can Possess your Irish small business ready to go within 24 hours, subject to you Providing the right documentation. Using these in place you can continue to conduct the company as you see fit, together with the documents available for inspection in a SAIL speech organized by us.

Concerning our Irish Resident Nominee Directors

With the help of our local director service, you can have qualified Irish directors who live in Ireland serve on the board of your business. Over the past few years, they have held a number of board positions and served on the boards of organisations with Irish roots. Our Irish accounting and legal experts have high regard for our nominee directors in the area of company secretarial & compliance.

What are the benefits of an Irish Resident Director?

The residency of the Business Director/s may be a significant element in deciding where the control and management of this company occur. In case the constraint of the business is mainly beyond Ireland, obtaining a regional Irish Manager might be crucial for taxation registration, opening a corporate bank accounts, and ensuring that the provider is thought to be a tax resident in the State.

It’s very important to be aware that Directors of Irish businesses have significant legal duties under the Companies Act 2014 and in common law. Other legal duties might also be applicable based on the business type.e also required to participate in the management of the business, rather than only in a nominee capacity.

Let’s get to work

If you want to set up in business-friendly Ireland, get in touch with TAS today. Let us talk you through the Irish company formation process with nominees, and show you how we can save you time and money.

Call us directly on Phone: 01 4428230 Mobile/Whatsapp 0353 851477625 or Fill the form below:

Irish Bank Account Opening Services

We assist in setting up a local bank account for newly registered company in Ireland

An Irish-registered company must have a business bank account since it is a separate legal entity from the people who own it. Within two weeks after registration, we can create a corporate bank account for your Irish company thanks to our streamlined procedure and solid connections with key personnel in Ireland’s top high street banks. Due to the stringent banking regulations in Ireland, which can make it challenging and time-consuming for directors to visit the banks and create a business bank account, we have developed this service.

 A face-to-face contact with at least one of the company directors is required by many Irish banks, although in some circumstances, we can facilitate corporate bank accounts remotely. To find out if you are eligible, please contact us.

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