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Solicitors Bookkeepers and Accountants

We enjoy working closely with our solicitor clients and providing guidance on all financial areas of their practice, including fee objectives, employee expenses and overheads and taxation.

Accounting for solicitors is a strictly regulated and highly specialised field that necessitates a thorough awareness of the industry as well as a comprehension of the day-to-day needs of law firms

We can advise you on the best way to keep your accounting records, whether you are a sole practitioner or a partnership.

Law Firms or Solicitor Practices must keep their books of accounts and records in accordance with Solicitors Accounts Regulations. There are many areas that one must be very careful with especially when it comes to client monies and office receipts.  

It is vital , bank accounts and client ledgers are reconciled twice a year. All transactions must be well documented and traceable to matter files ( Each client account).

The reputable software Lex, Keyhouse and Harvest Law. 

What we can do for solicitors

Help you choose the right software for your practice

Remote Bookkeeping

Client Account Reconciliation

Keep your taxes to a minimum

VAT Services

Payroll Services

Office Account Reconciliation

Tax Returns

Annual Accounts


We have developed particular knowledge and expertise in both Solicitors’ Practice Accounts and the annual Accountant’s Report for the Law Society over the course of our 10 years in practice.

When you hire us to handle your legal bookkeeping, you’ll have access to a number of benefits that you wouldn’t get if you hired a bookkeeper to work just for your organisation or did the bookkeeping yourself.


We alleviate the stress and worry about accounts and compliance so that partners can get on with successfully running their firms.
We have expertise in completing legal accounts. In addition to practical bookkeeping services, we offer an in-depth knowledge of how law firms should operate from a compliance & efficiency point of view. We can provide advice, offer realistic solutions, sort out accounts with legacy issues and set up accounts for new practices finding their feet in the fast moving, ever changing legal world. 

We make the transition from your previous accountant as easy as possible. In addition to preparing your income tax return, we offer expert advice on a consulting basis as needed.

We are recognised by the Law Society of Ireland to file the Accountants Report for Solicitors.


The maintenance of up to date books and records
Dealing with all bank payments
Performing day and month end routines
Ensuring full compliance with Law Society Accounting Regulations
Maintaining and managing the Undertakings register
Preparing monthly reports for the Partners
Processing all day to day transactions (high volume)
Bank reconciliations on a daily basis
Revenue returns - managing VAT and PAYE/PRSI, Stamp Duty and IT38s
Payroll and maintaining employee leave records
Dealing with file opening and closing procedures

If you are a solicitor and would like to discuss how we can help you meet your Law Society obligations and prepare your income tax return, please contact us today at +353 1 442 8230 or

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We offer a range of services to Startups & Businesses in Ireland.
Year-End Accounts
Company Registration
Accounting Solutions
Capital Gains Tax
Tax Returns
Business Advisory
Inheritance Tax
Other Services

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