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One firm deal with various sectors


Supporting manufacturing companies of the highest calibre.

You require assistance from a group that is familiar with your intricate manufacturing supply chains. We can help you with everything from overseas trading to R&D claims and financial modelling.

Company registration
Company registration


Raising the rate of survival and success in a difficult industry

We’ve done it all before, from raising money to support your startup venture’s launch to managing your R&D claim, raising money for growth, or assisting with your exit strategy.

Services for Professionals

Calmness of mind. No unpleasant surprises

Get the guidance and knowledge you require to ensure that Revenue will view you as completely compliant, giving you piece of mind.

Company registration
construction accountants

Construction & Trades

Integrating cutting-edge technology with established industries.

Your sector needs specialists. You therefore require assistance from a group with expertise in managing contractors, complex projects, shifting payrolls, cash flow, and accruals.

We have Experienced in Range of Industries

Our Tax Consultants can handle your tax affairs and personal accounts.

Medical Professionals

It leaves little wonder that medical professionals often find it challenging to manage their taxes and finances without help from a trusted chartered accountant.


Our service is ideally positioned to
make life simple for you by helping
you with your accountancy
and tax requirements as a freelancer.

RCT Contractors

Experienced accounting services for contractors and Enterpenures. Your dedicated accountant will conduct regular tax efficiency reviews throughout the financial year


Our restaurant accounting services
will allow you to gain financial
peace within your business.

Sole Traders

We will provide you with your very own dedicated accountant, who will get to know both you and your business in detail, to help support its growth.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance refers to the
regular upkeep required to preserve
and/or improve the condition
of your property.

Limited Companies

Comprehensive accountancy services for limited companies. We help over 440 businesses in the Ireland to thrive


A friendly and approachable accountancy service for you and your partners. We send automated email reminders when your partnership accounts and returns are due to be submitted.

Solutions for every business, in every situation


We are here to give you the edge over your opponents. Working intimately with you, our specialists can give your business answers to accomplishing your objectives. We work with all sorts of organizations with all kinds of proprietors.

We love making enduring, compensating working associations with our customers, and we manufacture these associations with a wide range of proprietors and chiefs.

… furthermore, we are here to help entrepreneurs who are…

Aspiring and Entrepreneurial – as far as possible is your aspiration. We’ll give the structure to you to get to the following level, and the following.

Content – We’ll assist you with capitalizing on your business and guarantee you stay agreeable with as meager complain as could be expected under the circumstances.

Disappointed or “Lost” – You may have dropped out of adoration with your business, however, we can assist you with finding the heartbeat you felt initially, or if not, we can assist you with exiting your business on your standing, in the most ideal way.

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